Algorand technology and the importance of open source

Algorand is a new generation blockchain network that stands out for many of its features, but something that this underlying technology includes is being built using open source. In this article, we will carry out an analysis of the importance of open source developments.

Open source technologies

The Linux kernel probably comes to mind when we think of open source technologies, and it has been a revolution for operating systems. Thanks to the preexisting developments by the GNU project that arose from the mind of Richard Stallman, father of the «free software» movement, Linus Torvalds was able to build his operating system, ushering in a true new era in the technology industry.

We mention this, since it is a palpable example of how open source technologies can contribute to the construction of systems. However, many people believe that because it is not succeeding on desktop computers, open source is not very important, something that could not be more wrong.

Thanks to open source developments, we can currently enjoy a wide range of applications. Without the open source movement, today we would not be able to have an open web, since most servers run under Linux, nor would we be able to use Android on our mobile devices, since it is practically a Linux distribution. In turn, many companies use open source technologies to design their systems, such as Tesla or SpaceX.

This is how the benefits of open source allow us today to enjoy blockchain technology, giving way to new generation networks such as Algorand.

Collaborative developments

Blockchain technology harkens back to the early days of system design, where open source principles were established to develop projects collaboratively. Being able to create a project, analyzing and having the source code, allows a large number of people around the world to make their contributions to the development.

This decentralized work scheme makes it possible to correct errors much faster than when it comes to proprietary products. Even if companies can hire the best engineers and developers, they will never be as powerful as a community legion working together for a common good.

This approach allows Algorand to generate a large number of projects within its ecosystem, since the tools are available to developers at all times. Thanks to community developments, the network’s blockchain technology is aimed at generating, day by day, new applications that solve the real problems of humanity, throughout the entire planet.

Greater transparency for users

One of the essential principles of blockchain technology is to be able to provide greater transparency in terms of systems. This is something that is undoubtedly linked to open source, since precisely, the guidelines of these developments are to have the code available to be able to examine it and suggest any type of implementation that improves the general performance.

Transparency has been the initial kick to consider using blockchain technology in applications that require accountability for the storage of private data. The era of «web2» has been strongly questioned, given that large technology companies have misused the information provided by users.

Along this path, Algorand contains the technology available for the times ahead, where we will see an entrance to the so-called «web3», where blockchain networks and projects related to the metaverse will play a fundamental role. The platform of blockchains allows the generation of projects in various fields, with NFTs being one of its strengths. Undoubtedly, these types of assets will begin to have a massive adoption in the medium term, since goods and objects from the real world can be tokenized through them, to take them to the digital universe.


Undoubtedly, «open source» has been essential for generating projects and devices that allow us to enjoy a freer world. Algorand, as a new generation underlying technology, is developed following the principles of open source, something that enables transparent, secure and collaborative development.

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