Experience the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Algorand: FIFA+ Collect and Cracks

The soccer world cup 2022 is kicking off in Qatar, and fans around the world are preparing to experience a unique sporting event. In Algorand you can enjoy the tournament thanks to the «FIFA+ Collect» and «Cracks» applications. In the following article we will tell you all the details.

Soccer: passion of crowds

Soccer is the sport that arouses passion all over the world, and that is why the FIFA World Cups are eagerly awaited every 4 years. On this occasion, it will take place in Qatar, a country that is recognized for technological advances and a particular social organization. New technologies will play a fundamental role, with Algorand being FIFA’s official blockchain network.

It’s the first time that technologies have been combined in such a particular way to give soccer fans the chance to access digital platforms and enjoy their favorite sport. Undoubtedly, in Algorand this is something that arouses the interest of the community to bring the blockchain to the general public that is unaware of this type of application.

On this path towards mass adoption, these types of milestones are very important for the industry in general, since it paves the way for its expansion. As part of its partnership with Algorand, FIFA launched its “FIFA+ Collect” app. On the other hand, Cracks has developed a platform to make a fantasy-type game, through which you can form digital teams. In the following paragraphs we tell you everything in detail.

FIFA+ Collect

Through the association between Algorand and FIFA, several projects related to blockchain technology were launched. The initial kickoff is given by the «FIFA+ Collect» platform where soccer fans can get digital collectibles and bring unique moments from the world cups with them. This is just the beginning, and in the future we can enjoy more developments.

Currently in FIFA+ Collect, fans can access to 4 collections of iconic Soccer moments: GENESIS, FIFA ARCHIVES, FIFA ARCHIVES 2 and CURATOR COLLECTION – SOUTH AMERICAN FLAIR. By accessing any of these collections, you can purchase packs that contain different unique moments from official FIFA tournaments. Without a doubt, it is a new way of experiencing sports and collecting digital assets.

On the other hand, the platform includes a «Marketplace» where users can buy and sell collectibles. In this way, anyone who purchases a pack can put the assets up for sale, or wait for a future price increase.

This is how a true digital market for fans is under construction. Algorand, for its part, is the underlying technology that is responsible for the operation of the platform. The innovative thing about this application is that it is not required to have cryptocurrencies to be able to acquire any collection.

More information: here.

Cracks: build your own team digitally

Soccer fans also enjoy games related to their favorite sport. That is why Cracks brings a proposal so that everyone can build their own teams and then get benefits when they get good results. The platform works as a kind of “Gran DT” or in english «Great Coach», the classic game, where anyone can access and add players to their team.

Cracks offers a platform that is primarily intended for mobile devices to provide a better experience. Through its application, users can select players and thus take advantage of their performance. This is a game of the «Fantasy» type that combines cryptocurrency sports betting with the best of games of its kind.

This is the opportunity for users to practice as a coach of their own team, while having a lot of fun. Surely we have all thought about being able to create our own sports teams to obtain the best results in the world of soccer, with Cracks it is now possible.

Do you want to play to be the best coach and win prizes in Crypto? Cracks has just launched its World Cup version APP! They give you 300⚡ so you can assemble the best team of each date and achieve the highest score on the leaderboard.

Enter and play now: Here.


The FIFA World Cup arouses the passion of crowds, and this year we will be able to enjoy the biggest sporting event in the world, in Qatar. Algorand is the official blockchain network of FIFA, and thanks to the development of «FIFA+ Collect», fans can collect unique football moments. On the other hand, the «Cracks» platform allows users to form their own teams and enjoy incredible prizes through the results of the teams.

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