FIFA+ Collect: a disruptive project focused on mass adoption

“FIFA+ Collect” was officially launched, the official FIFA platform that offers digital collectibles from the football universe. The remarkable thing about this platform is that it encourages mass adoption through a web3-oriented approach, trying to reach consumers directly, even if they are not experts in the cryptographic world.

FIFA+ Collect: Official FIFA Collectibles

FIFA+ Collect is FIFA’s official platform to offer its digital collectibles directly to the public. This platform is exceptional for mass adoption, as its assets can be purchased without users having to worry about having advanced technical knowledge. On the contrary, this platform facilitates the procedure so that advanced and beginner people can access the subject.

The important thing about this approach is that it is becoming one of the developments that has aroused the greatest interest in users who are not directly related to the universe of cryptocurrencies. In this way, the path to follow for the massive adoption of blockchain networks as an underlying technology is set.

The idea of ​​the platform is to add different collections of digital assets so that people can have a part of football with them at all times. The project makes use of the Algorand network to process transactions, something that is more than adequate considering the costs, speed, and security present in this blockchain. What is innovative is that users do not require deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchain to make purchases.

A successful approach aimed at the less expert

The vast majority of people within the cryptographic universe want a massive adoption of this technology to be achieved, to achieve this goal advances in acquisition and payment methodologies must be generated. Consider, for example, the rise of home computing in the late 1970s, where computer users needed to know a lot of advanced and complicated technical parameters. This situation is very different today where practically everyone has a computer in their pocket thanks to Smartphones.

But what has changed from the origins to the present? In addition to technological advances, what has changed is the approach from the point of view of usability. Today, a person can handle a smartphone or a computer, and even surf the Internet, easily and without even knowing how everything is working.

In this way, blockchain technology must follow these paths, if what is intended is to obtain use cases that are used by the masses in everyday life. It is estimated, according to the available data, that the number of people who currently use cryptocurrencies is around 10.2%, so if we want to reach the other 89.8% of the world population, we will have to observe other types of ways. to facilitate the user experience.

If we consult with the «strict experts» on the matter, perhaps they question the fact that «private keys are not sent to the user together with the collectible» then it would be worth analyzing if this is a problem then for the possession of the collectible or its sale in the future, which the user is not prevented from doing. We must remember that we are in a very early and constant development process, where surely there are many things that will be modified or improved over time, but undoubtedly this type of project attracts more people to the blockchain universe.

First collection available on FIFA+ Collect and the Algorand technology

FIFA+ Collect has launched its first digital collection of NFTs called “Genesis”. In it, users will be able to get 3 surprise “packages” for US$4.99 that contain unforgettable moments from the world cups, both for women and men. Undoubtedly, it is a very appreciated issue by football fans, who can now collect this type of historical facts.

This is how we can appreciate a perfect mix between nostalgia and new technologies, where the objects of this collection are offered in video format to relive the best goals of the world cups. In turn, FIFA+ Collect has launched a marketplace, where different types of collectibles can be marketed between the parties in the future. For practical reasons, it is currently not enabled yet, but it is on the official website.

As an extra fact, on the «FIFA +» web platform, you can enjoy original FIFA content, which ranges from documentaries, news, gaming and much more. Thus, FIFA is headed into the world of entertainment like never before.

For more information, visit the official FIFA+ Collect website.

This platform is possible thanks to Algorand’s infrastructure, which provides a new generation and carbon-neutral technology for this type of project. Through these developments, the network is positioned as one of the dominant blockchains on the global crypto scene. These projects will surely grow over time, and we will witness it.


FIFA+ Collect is undoubtedly one of the blockchain releases of the year, and of recent times as well. This project encourages massive adoption by users, simplifying technical issues when purchasing a collectible, so it is expected to be more friendly to inexperienced users. Algorand provides the underlying technology for the platform, contributing its speed, low cost, and security.

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