Flex NBA: a game that combines AR and blockchain thanks to Algorand

Algorand is a blockchain that allows the development of innovative projects. Today we introduce you to «Flex NBA» a game that combines augmented reality and blockchain technology in a very particular way, to bring the excitement of the game to basketball fans.

Innovative developments thanks to technology

New technologies allow disruptive projects to be generated, capable of bringing new innovations to the masses. Through cutting-edge development, Algorand enables you to establish applications that explore multiple edges. Augmented reality, for example, is having an upward growth, which in combination with other applications manages to generate new horizons.

As for the videogames industry, these new technologies are allowing an expansion that goes beyond the standards established today. This is how, thanks to blockchain, new elements have been introduced into games. This is being possible thanks to NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that allow the tokenization of objects to be represented in a unique way within any scenario.

Although each of these technologies separately represent a great advance, there are currently projects that combine them to generate new applications. This is how in the case of «Flex NBA», blockchain technology is combined with augmented reality to give rise to a unique game of its kind, which establishes the bases for fun to reach everywhere in the digital age.

What is Flex NBA all about?

Flex NBA is a game that manages to combine blockchain technology, augmented reality, and tabletop games in a really fun and exciting way. Through the acquisition of the «packs» the players can acquire the board, where each NBA player is represented by hexagonal chips, called «Flexagons» which are tokenized through NFT.

10 Flexagons are included in each Flex NBA Starter Kit, and users can continue to build their roster by purchasing additional Flexagons in separate packs. The particularity of these «Flexagons» is that each one digitally represents the assets in a unique way, being able to be exchanged with other players as the game progresses. When the exchange is made, the abilities of that certain player are transmitted, which becomes the property of the new acquirer.

Thanks to the tokenization of these assets as NFTs, NBA players can be taken from the physical world to the digital one. Using Algorand technology, the game has developed a mobile application, which allows, in a complementary way, to track assets and develop game mechanics on the board.

Mobile app and Flex NBA NFTs

One of the most innovative elements that Flex NBA presents is its mobile application. This app allows you to manage interactions with the board, so that users can develop and deploy their strategies in the game. In this way, players can enjoy an augmented reality experience that allows them to have hours of fun while interacting with other people.

This application is possible thanks to Algorand technology, allowing to generate tokenizations in a simple way. This is a use case that demonstrates how the blockchain network can be used to bring fun to users, while ensuring the authenticity of each asset registered in the chain.

The Algorand blockchain network is used to record each “Flexagon” as a fingerprint in the metaverse. That is to say, that the physical products are totally unrepeatable. No duplicates, frauds or counterfeits can be created. Transaction encryption allows for a transparent chain of custody and the ability for users to customize or upgrade their game pieces through real life activities.

For more information, visit https://www.flexnba.com


Flex NBA combines the best of table games with blockchain and augmented reality technologies, allowing to generate a truly innovative project. Thanks to the capabilities present in the Algorand network, the tokenizations of the game elements are carried out through NFTs.

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