GameFi on Algorand: a new scenario for content creators and video games

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Algorand has features that make it a multipurpose network within the blockchain scene. Currently, the “GameFi” ecosystem is under development, a true new scenario for video game developers on blockchains. This new universe allows video game players to be rewarded for their time invested in the games.

The evolution of video games

Video games have been evolving since their inception, but without a doubt, new technologies offer several possibilities to incorporate elements that were previously unthinkable. Thanks to blockchain technology, games can incorporate tokenization to explore new horizons. The emergence of NFTs, for example, has given rise to a whole new section, to generate a true «creator economy».

Video games can take advantage of the features of blockchain networks to put the player in a new position. Now the user has a more active role within the entire ecosystem, by obtaining rewards as he meets the objectives. This aspect is being used by developers in the video game industry, to unleash an entire universe.

Blockchain gaming has opened the door to new opportunities for gamers to be rewarded for the time they spend playing games.

GameFi: a new financial scenario within video games

Nowadays the blockchain industry is developing projects that cover a large number of edges. The goal is for users to be part of a true economy related to content creators. With the evolution of these projects, the GameFI concept arises, that is to say “True finances within video games”. These conditions offer new benefits for the players, giving them a central and more leading role in an ecosystem that grows day by day.

big number of developments in this regard are already in process. The advantages that this Blockchain offers for these initiatives are its low costs, its incredible speed, the guaranteed purpose for transactions and the security framework it has.

Other networks that are exploring this universe have serious security issues, and the costs to carry out transactions are very high, which is why they do not allow optimal global scalability to generate massive adoption. Algorand is completely scalable, but it does not neglect decentralization, therefore it is the most viable option to generate the new «economy of creators».

The new generation Algorand blockchain network presents the conditions so that both large companies and small independent developers can create their projects under the same conditions. This equitable situation allows innovative projects that do not have a significant amount of financial resources to also bring their product to the public, laying the foundations for true technological inclusion.


The GameFi space is constantly expanding, generating a true creator economy, where users can be part of an ecosystem that rewards them for their time invested in video games. Algorand, as a multipurpose, open and interoperable blockchain network, is creating the conditions for innovative developments to be deployed efficiently, reaching all users in an inclusive manner.

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