“Algorand Miami Accelerator”: the 2022 AMA program begins

algorand miami accelerator

Algorand Miami Accelerator, the first bilingual accelerator in America, is presenting the second edition of its accelerator program, AMA ’22, which helps emerging companies to develop their full potential. Find out all the news, the benefits for companies and how to participate, in the following article.

An accelerator that promotes integration

Algorand Miami Accelerator is an accelerator that is empowering projects from all over the American continent, so that they can develop and grow efficiently. The program is based in the city of Miami, a historic integrating bridge between the US and Latin America, but it is not limited to just these regions. Thanks to its virtual modality and its bilingual development, emerging companies from all latitudes can participate.

We are facing a quality program that promotes integration and equity, while providing the opportunity to grow to companies in the blockchain sector, which are looking for an opportunity to expand their projects. The accelerators seek to fully exploit the potential of the projects, so that they can be established on firm foundations and quality standards.

Algorand Miami Accelerator has a hybrid system to provide education to projects in various areas of importance for the strengthening of developments, offering on-demand, live-online and on-site material. All this is complemented by an ecosystem of mentors, investors and partners of the highest level. The acceleration program is made possible through a joint effort between Borderless Capital, the Algorand Foundation, and Rokker.

Benefits for companies when participating

The «Algorand Miami Acceleretor 2021» program gave participating companies the opportunity to strengthen various areas (Marketing, development, legal aspects, etc.) and obtain exposure to renowned investors. The first edition featured projects like GARD, Wayru, Voting Portals, MariCoin, Fútbol Eterno, Crypto Stars, Dartroom, Vendible, Alchemon and NeoMoon. This allowed us to see diversity in the products, which cover sectors such as: NFT, Finance, Infrastructure, Video Games, Legal Technology, Cryptocurrencies, sports betting and many more. More information about the companies: Here.

With the success of the first edition, the «AMA 2022» program is currently being launched, where participating companies will have a unique opportunity to access the acceleration program, personalized mentoring sessions, and the opportunity to present their project to investment funds during the Demo Day at the end of the event. Companies will have the possibility of accessing an initial investment of US$35,000 to encourage the commitment of startups, receive training and mentoring in areas such as technology, product, marketing, financing, legal aspects and growth.

Additionally, companies will have access to the robust Algorand ecosystem, where they will obtain technical resources and help from community members every time, so that each startup can achieve its goal. Finally, on the «Demo Day» they will be able to expose their products in front of investors from the blockchain universe.

“Algorand Miami Accelerator 2022” Schedule

We present the official schedule of «Algorand Miami Accelerator 2022» so you do not miss any important date:


Closing of the registration period: Jun 12th, 2022

Reception of applications from startups from all over the world in Spanish and English.

Main areas of interest: NFT, Gaming, DeFi and Social Impact.


1) Application Phase: You must complete the form with the requested data and in a reliable way, since a team will corroborate the information.

*It is possible that our team will contact you to request more information.

2) Contact Phase: If you pass the first filter, we will coordinate a meeting to get to know each other, answer the questions that our staff asks regarding your startup and an evaluation of you as a candidate for the program.

If you pass the second filter, you will receive an invitation for a second live interview.

3) Selection Phase: Finally, we will send the written offers to the 10 startups that we will select to confirm their participation in the AMA ’22 Program.


Companies selection: during the month of June

Program start: July 5th

  • Welcome to the selected startups.
  • Introduction of Algorand.
  • Leveling with mentors.
  • Access to the educational platform with all the content available on-demand.
  • Presentation of additional benefits and instructions.

Development of the program

10 weeks of sessions:

  • Weekly group mentoring.
  • Office hours with instructors and experts.
  • Private meetings with assigned mentors.
  • Pitch training sessions.
  • Mastermind: networking between teams.
  • Sessions with success stories from the Algorand ecosystem and previous accelerator companies.
  • 3 weeks of break so that the teams have time to consolidate the concepts learned and work on them.
  • Training with mentors: Tech, Product, Metrics, Business, Marketing, Sales and Commercial Development, Fundraising, Demo Day Preparation, Mentoring Events, Networking and Investor Pitch Simulation Sessions.

On-site phase

On-site event in Miami: July 14th and 15th

You will have the opportunity to participate in a 2-day networking event, meet the other companies selected in the program, and speak with the organizers, the Algorand Foundation, Borderless Capital and Rokk3r.

  • Pitch training.
  • Conferences with experts and investors.
  • Networking and social events.

Demo Day

October 27th: After receiving the mentoring and training, the companies will present their pitch in search of capital raising.

  • Online mode through Stonks.
  • Presentation to dozens of blockchain investors from around the world.
  • Possibility of connecting with investors in real time.


After the event, support will continue to be provided to companies through:

  • Virtual meetings and Masterminds to stay in touch.
  • Support and presentation to partners and investors.
  • Invitation to virtual and on-site events of the Algorand ecosystem.
  • Participation in future programs as mentors and experts.

Do not stay out of this opportunity to participate in a unique accelerator program in the American continent. Algorand Miami Accelerator, enhances the future and integration!
Register now or get more information: Here.


Undoubtedly, Algorand Miami Accelerator 2022 opens the door for a large number of emerging companies with potential to expand their products and take advantage of an unprecedented accelerator program in the American continent. If you are developing a blockchain project, do not hesitate to sign up and take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow alongside the Algorand ecosystem.

Aviso de responsabilidad:

Este artículo no contiene consejos financieros, ni recomendaciones de inversión de ningún tipo. La información brindada se ofrece sólo con fines educativos y didácticos en cuanto a tecnología Web3 y análisis sobre sus casos de uso.

Las inversiones con criptomonedas, NFTs, tokens u otros activos digitales conllevan riesgos y no se encuentran regulados, por lo que los lectores deben realizar su propia investigación antes de tomar cualquier tipo de decisión bajo su entera responsabilidad, así como adaptarse y observar las diferentes regulaciones legales según su país de residencia.

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