Neomoon raised US$850k in its first seed round led by Borderless Capital

The 100% digital bank stablecoins-based Neomoon managed to raise US$850k in its first seed funding round, led by Borderless Capital. This collection will allow the expansion of services in Latin America, granting financial inclusion to all the inhabitants of the region.

Neomoon: an innovative digital bank

Neomoon is a 100% digital bank based on stablecoins, which allows the Latin American people to face recessionary and devaluation periods. Thanks to this innovative solution, a large number of inhabitants in this region can have access to state-of-the-art financial services, simply and safely.

Being a bank based on stablecoins, it allows people to protect their savings by maintaining a parity with the US dollar. This brings great benefits to users, given the economic chaos that occurs rapidly in the different Latin countries.

Traditional banks are often impossible to access for a large number of individuals, therefore digital banks are positioned as a viable option. This type of application allows reducing bureaucratic burdens in order to have easy access to a modern financial system.

First financing seed round

Neomoon has successfully closed its first seed round, raising US$850k, which provides significant financing for future developments. This round was led by Borderless Capital, providing support to this project for its expansion in the medium term.

In addition, renowned industry players such as Big Brain Holdings, Algorand INC, Algorand Foundation, Meld Venture, Optio Capital and Algorand Miami Accelerator participated in this first round of investment. The enormous support received from these companies will allow Neomoon to continue expanding its business model, providing financial inclusion for the different Latin communities throughout the region.

Neomonn’s vision allows democratizing access to banking, while improving financial services in emerging markets. The use of stablecoins based on Algorand, such as USDT and USDC, will accelerate this process by reducing the friction that Latin Americans face in the new digital economy and thus be able to provide real solutions.

Neomoon’s evolution

Neomoon was founded by the IT law specialist Fedor Saldivia, better known in the world of technology as «El Gordo Circuito» (The Fat Circuit is the closest translation). Being a great connoisseur of the digital world, Fedor set out to build a tool that could provide solutions to people, to face the unfavorable economic scenarios that the entire Latin American region is going through.

Much of Neomoon’s growth is due to the financial education that the company provides to its users, allowing them to access safe investments to protect their savings with risk reduction.

Neomoon, which entered the market exceeding expectations in April this year, has maintained an average of 570 new daily users and more than 50,000 registered users to date, through a strategy of organic growth, word of mouth and the community. that has been built.

About Neomoon is a 100% digital bank, aimed at offering solutions to all Latin Americans who want to protect their money from devaluation, offering the possibility of carrying out their day-to-day transactions. Its goal is to provide banking services to more than 200 million adults (50% of the population) living in Latin America who are not banked.

Website and social networks

For more information, visit the Neomoon official website and social networks:



Undoubtedly, Neomoon is positioning itself as a true innovative digital solution, to provide access to financial services in Latin America to all the inhabitants of the region. Thanks to this first seed round of investment, the company has managed to raise the sum of US$850k, which will allow it to continue expanding its business model and deploying its developments.

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