Latest use cases in Algorand smooth the way for mass adoption

The latest use cases that have been deployed on the Algorand network are smoothing the way for mass adoption by the end user. Although all the projects that are making use of the blockchain provide added value and are incredible, the latest cases allow direct access to the masses.

Using blockchain without knowing it

As everyone knows we are in the foundations of the blockchain construction, therefore it is normal that some issues evolve. With the arrival of web3, the goal is for users to use blockchain technology, but without having to wonder what all this is about. Technologies and applications are normally used in everyday life without questioning how it works.

This is a normal procedure, since the importance of all this are the projects and the solutions that the users obtain. For example, a large number of people use credit cards throughout the world, yet these people do not question how the underlying technology of Visa or Mastercard works. Users in these cases simply pay for their purchases to acquire goods and services.

Another palpable example of technological use without asking how it works is the Internet. In this case, a large number of people access web services, even make electronic payments, and do not fully understand how the protocols work. The key to all this is the confidence you have when using it. Blockchain is currently on that path, towards massive and widespread adoption through applications.

Algorand and mass adoption

If there is a lesson that the bear market can teach us, it is undoubtedly the fact that in quality projects, the march does not stop. Proof of this is what is happening on the Algorand network, where in recent times not only have projects continued to emerge, but the latest developments have been the most promising and have the greatest number of applications in real life.

Just to name an emblematic case that illustrates the current landscape a bit, we have witnessed how Agrotoken has broken into the agribusiness by tokenizing grains. In this way, a new scenario begins to open in the field of tokenization, allowing real goods to be brought to the digital world, and in turn, giving them a more than interesting use.

Although use cases such as AgroToken are excellent and lead the use of blockchain to a certain sector to provide solutions in a real way, we cannot speak in this case of «mass adoption», since these types of platforms are not 100% focused on end users, but are intended for specific sectors. On the contrary, other projects that are accessible to the entire population are emerging in Algorand, and they are the ones that are opening the doors to more generalized daily use.

Fifa Collect and TravelX: End User Access

Many times in the Algorand community there has been a debate between the institutional and everyday approach to the network. However, it would be impossible to move towards an everyday model without first having an infrastructure to support it. Let us think, for example, that Algorand is a high-quality network with extensive qualities, but it is necessary to have tangible projects when it comes to user entry.

Along this path, Algorand focused its first stages on strengthening the network infrastructure and then on obtaining institutional support from important players in all types of industries, in order to consolidate the path. Actually, thanks to all this hard work, we are starting to see high-quality end-user use cases that have an incredible security and support framework.

Thanks to the speed, security and operational costs present in Algorand, we are now beginning to experience truly massive projects.

FIFA collect: unique football moments

“FIFA Collect” was recently launched, an official FIFA platform that uses Algorand technology to bring NFT digital collectibles to football fans. The “Genesis” collection was initially released, where you can have unique moments from world cups, with plans to release other collections in the future.

To learn more about “FIFA collect”, go to its official website: Here.

TravelX: tokenizing the travel industry

Another amazing use case that has recently been released using the Algorand platform is TravelX. This argentine company offers the possibility, through its NFT marketplace, of acquiring plane tickets called “NFTickets”. Tickets are tokenized when purchased and converted into NFTs, so a customer can auction, sell, transfer, gift or trade them through a peer-to-peer system on TravelX.

The first tickets that can be accessed are those of the low-cost airline Argentina «Flybondi». It is planning to add more than 60 airlines to the platform’s inventory over the next 12 months.

For more information about “TravelX”, visit their website: Here.


The Algorand ecosystem is constantly expanding, proof of this are the latest developments that are using the underlying technology of the network. While there is an extensive list of innovative use cases, the “FIFA Collect” and “TravelX” platforms smooth the way for mass adoption by the end user and the masses.

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