Cudos brings real decentralization to the blockchain universe

Cudos has a decentralized infrastructure, capable of coping with the centralization present in large technology corporations. Thanks to this approach, a large number of blockchain projects can make use of a secure network with low operating costs for their developments. In this article we offer you a complete analysis of this situation.Cudos brings real decentralization to the blockchain universe

The problem of centralization

One of the biggest problems facing users today is centralization, since large technology companies based on this approach take full control of all procedures. Due to this, security is affected, since everything depends on a central node where the information is stored. This can cause great risks, since in the event of a hack the data is in a single place.

Another of the problems that centralization brings with it is that of data manipulation. By providing data to a certain company, users cannot be sure of the real destination of it. In this way, information leaks can occur and users are not aware of it. This is how these types of systems are usually much less secure than a decentralized structure.

In turn, in centralized structures a great lack of transparency can be observed in the procedures, since a central node controls everything that happens and many times there are critical issues that are not revealed. This is how many of the events that take place are only reserved for a small number of people, who are in charge of reviewing this type of events, excluding most of the stakeholders who are the end users.

Advantages of decentralization

In response to centralized organizations, the concept of «decentralization» arises in order to deal with this type of structure. Blockchain networks have been a central axis of the issue, since they allow the generation of an efficient and fail-safe decentralized infrastructure to run distributed nodes. Thus, as in a decentralized organization, decisions no longer go through a single central node that has absolute control, but rather there are many nodes involved.

By distributing the data in different nodes, it is the users who can take an active part in the operation of all the procedures. In this way, security increases, since thanks to blockchain technology all nodes must reach consensus before admitting a transaction. This is how all operations are subject to a decentralized structure.

Decentralization brings great solutions for today’s world, where a large amount of data circulates without control. Thanks to it, we can have much more robust and efficient systems. On the other hand, blockchain networks such as Cudos assure us that as the network grows even more, greater decentralization is generated, guaranteed by its own protocol.

Cudos network contributions

Cudos is a new generation blockchain network that generates great contributions to the blockchain universe, due to its technical characteristics. This blockchain will allow decentralizing technical capabilities at scale, taking advantage of the underused capacity of devices. In this way, great benefits are generated for companies, users and the environment, due to a better use of available computing.

This type of model allows users to share the capacity of their devices that they are not using, contributing to the formation of a decentralized network infrastructure, capable of dealing with computing needs in all corners of the planet. This is a great contribution, if we take into account that every time a company needs to increase its capabilities, it must invest large amounts of money in physical hardware and, in this way, they could obtain it as a service.

By being based on a completely decentralized model, the Cudos network provides its characteristics for projects that require services in this regard. Processes can be carried out without having to rely on a single central node or a single source of information. Undoubtedly, Cudos marks the way forward in a decentralized way, and we will continue to see its progress.


The centralization present in large technology corporations has led to major security and information leak problems, because they work under a single central node. Decentralization has responded to this type of structure, through distributed processes with several running nodes. The Cudos blockchain network presents a decentralized infrastructure, capable of providing its characteristics for the development of projects in this regard.

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Original Article: Cudos aporta descentralización real al universo blockchain

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