Receive DBD tokens for registering your assets in the Day By Day mobile app

Day By Day continues to advance on its roadmap to develop the most democratic and decentralized insurance platform in the world, thanks to blockchain technology. The mobile application for the registration of goods is now available for iOS and Android mobile devices, granting rewards in DBD tokens for each item that you incorporate early and that you will soon be able to insure.

Insurance inclusion thanks to blockchain

Currently, the traditional insurance market has tedious mechanisms and procedures that often make access to this type of service difficult. This is changing thanks to blockchain technology, and this is how Day By Day is developing a robust insurance platform that works thanks to the benefits of Web3. In this way, users can become policy creators and register assets in the application to insure them soon.

Undoubtedly, this type of service will allow the inclusion of a large number of people who are looking for simpler processes when it comes to insuring their assets. Blockchain provides the necessary transparency thanks to smart contracts, which reduce administrative times and eliminate intermediaries so that people can operate quickly and directly.

Day By Day generates new opportunities, by allowing users to form the insurance infrastructure through the creation of policies and through NFT minting of them, as well as, soon they will be able to form liquidity pools to support risks. Another of the central axes is its mobile application for the registration of assets in order to insure them against accidents in the future, which is currently available to register items in advance and receive rewards in DBD for it.

Earn DBD rewards by early registering your items

Day By Day is giving users the opportunity to earn DBD token rewards for early registration of their assets in the app, which, in turn, can soon be secured. The registration of items in the application has been designed to simplify times, generating an accessible and simple user experience in which everyone can join.

In this way, everyone can benefit from DBD rewards for starting to register their assets today in the mobile application. In principle, when you register in the application you will receive 20 DBD as a welcome gift, just for starting to operate. This is a unique benefit that Day By Day is providing to the first ones to enter the new era in insurance.

In turn, you will receive 2 DBD tokens for each registered asset, and that is not all, since for each proof of ownership that you add to them (such as a receipt, invoice or any other document that proves the acquisition) you will be granted 2 DBD extras. In this way, you can get 4 DBD tokens in total as rewards for the complete registration of each item within the Day By Day app.

Learn more about DBD tokens, here.

How to obtain and register your assets in the Day By Day application

The Day By Day mobile application to register your assets is available for both Android and iOS, and you can easily download it from its official stores. Once you download it, you can start trading and register all your assets thanks to its intuitive user interface.

Within the Day By Day mobile app, you will be able to start registering a wide variety of goods, from electronics to works of art.

Step 1: Download the mobile app

You can download the Day By Day mobile app from Android and iOS devices. Once you do it, you are ready to start registering your assets.

To download the application you can visit this secure link, here.

Step 2: Register in the application

Once you download the application on your mobile device, you must register in it to start trading, entering the requested data.

Once the registration is completed, you will be able to enter with the e-mail address and the generated password. At this time you will receive 20 DBD as a welcome gift.

Application interface for registration.

Step 3: Choose a category for the goods

Day By Day allows you to register your assets in a wide range of categories, within which you must select the appropriate one for the asset you are registering.

The categories available for asset registration are:

  • Appliances.
  • Artworks.
  • Electronics.
  • Furniture.
  • Jewelry.
  • Tools.
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Categories available for asset registration.

Step 4: Add an item and its details

Having selected the category, you will be able to add a good to register it, and you have to indicate all the identifying details of it.

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Proof of ownership and details of the asset.

Within the detail, you must add the following information:

  • Property: here you can add any type of document that proves the acquisition of the good (it can be a receipt or purchase invoice). You can take a photo of the document or select an image from your device’s gallery
  • Value: in this field, you must indicate the purchase price of the item to express its value. It is necessary that the product matches the purchase document attached above as proof of ownership.
  • Date of purchase: you must indicate the date of acquisition of the good.
  • Identification: here you can add all the attributes that allow you to identify the asset in detail, such as:

                                 – Model name.

                                – Serial number.

                                – Color – Custom markings (stickers, features, etc.).

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Identification screen of an asset.

You can also click on the ➕ icon to add additional identification points. It is necessary that you be as precise as possible in the identification of the asset, since this facilitates the linking of said asset with the owner, while avoiding malicious situations.

On the other hand, you can also add additional documentation as attachments to support the registration (guarantees, service requests, others).

Step 5: Finish the item registration

Once you have completed the previous steps with the correct identification of the asset, be sure to check that everything is correct to proceed to press «Save» and finish the registration process.

After registering the asset, you will be redirected to the home screen where you will be shown the amount of insured goods, selected categories and an update on the rewards received.

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Screen with updated details.

Now you are ready to start registering all your assets in the Day By Day mobile app! Remember that you will get 20 DBD for registering, 2 DBD for each item registered and an extra 2 DBD for proof of ownership.

About Day By Day

Day By Day is decentralizing and democratizing the global insurance industry. Using emerging technologies, the first insurtech platform of its kind, enables a new era of insurance entrepreneurs to influence investment, while providing hyper-personalized, on-demand insurance products for clients.

Insurance entrepreneurs can mint insurance policies (NFTs) that generate passive income and/or invest in underwriting pools (DeFi) to earn a return on investment.

The InsureFi industry will provide next generation insurance that is private, transparent and accurate. Built on blockchain and using AI, Day By Day removes administrative limitations and the current insurance process to provide value, as well as security to clients.

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