News in Day By Day: Swap portal DBD v2, Messina Bridge, Pact Pool and Zealy competition

We are going through months full of news at Day By Day. Thanks to the new partnerships the platform is making, new opportunities are coming for our DeFi users. On the other hand, we also have great news about our successful competition in Zealy. In the following article we tell you everything.

Swap portal for the DBD v2 token on the Algorand network

Our portal was recently enabled to perform the Swap from DBD v1 tokens to DBD v2 tokens in the Algorand network. This really is a very exciting step to be able to bring in new DeFi options. In turn, early adopters to trade are rewarded by awarding them new v2 tokens at a 3×4 ratio! Without a doubt, it is a unique opportunity.

These new DBD v2 tokens will give us the possibility to continue generating partnerships in the future, bringing new tools to our DeFi users, with a view to continuing to build a strong community. We will make further announcements regarding upcoming products in the future.

Day By Day has a maximum supply of 800M minted DBD tokens on Ethereum, of which a certain amount exists bridged on the Polygon and Algorand networks. Polygon uses an elastic provisioning mechanism, which allows us to make changes dynamically. On the other hand, in the Algorand network this is not possible, so it was necessary to generate a new version of the token through a new ASA (ASA: 1131427236) in order to incorporate new DeFi services.

Do you have DBD v1 tokens on Algorand? Swap to DBD v2 now:

Association with Messina

Day By Day has made a close association with Messina, which will allow generating “bridge” functions between the different blockchain networks of Ethereum, Algorand and Polygon. In this way, together with Messina we envision a future of interconnected ecosystems, where users can effortlessly access assets and applications, dissolving barriers between networks as a layer of global liquidity.

It was decided to make the association with Messina for this task given its infrastructure, which allows guaranteeing the protection of the tokens as the bridge between networks is carried out. Its interoperability protocol allows secure and efficient communication between different blockchain networks.

At Day By Day we firmly believe that the future is multi-chain, which is why we believe that this will be a great milestone for the project and the blockchain universe in general.

More information about Messina:

Association with Pact: empowering DeFi

We recently announced our partnership with Pact, which will allow us to bring new options to our DeFi users. In this way, we continue to expand the range of options we have for our users to benefit from the power present in decentralized finance.

As part of this new addition, the teams are working to develop innovative products. This is how a new Pact Pool will be created to provide liquidity. Thanks to this, we will soon be announcing the launch of «Pact Farms» for DBD.

Stay tuned to our networks to find out as soon as possible about the launch!

Learn more about Pact:

Competition in Zealy: reloaded game

Our competition at Zealy continues to make strides! We are very excited about the large number of entrants who are already competing for one of the amazing prizes. Thanks to this approach, users can compete by completing tasks to earn XP points, which ensure they climb the leaderboard.

As a novelty, our competition will continue with new additions. This is how we will soon announce new chances to win for current participants and new ones coming to Zealy. As part of our commitment to our active community, we will be incorporating a series of prizes that will be awarded randomly among the participants, adding new possibilities to win.

This is a new way to compensate our current competitors, and in turn is a way to continue encouraging users who are not yet participating.

We will inform you of all the news through our official social networks!

Still not participating in our competition? start now:

About Day By Day

Day By Day is decentralizing and democratizing the global insurance industry. Using emerging technologies, the first insurtech platform of its kind, enables a new era of insurepreneurs to influence investment, while providing on-demand, hyper-personalized insurance products for clients.

Insurepreneurs can mint insurance policies (NFTs) that generate passive income and/or invest in underwriting pools (DeFi) to earn a return on investment.

The InsureFi industry will provide next generation insurance that is private, transparent and accurate. Built on blockchain and using AI, Day By Day removes current insurance process and administrative constraints to give value and security to customers.

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