gALGO ecosystem: we analyze Fracctal Monsters

Algorand’s liquid governance gives great advantages to users who participate through Folks Finance. One of them is to obtain gALGO tokens that can be used in a vast ecosystem of projects. Today we are looking at Fracctal Monsters, a fun game where you can purchase their NFTs with your tokens.

What is Fracctal Monsters?

Fracctal Monsters is a fun Web3 video game, where players can obtain and raise their pets and then engage in fun battles with other users or monsters in the environment. It is a video game that recalls the time of the ’90s but adds modern components; you will be able to raise your pets by feeding them, taking care of them, making them grow, as well as entertaining and training them.

Each player has a game area called «Beginner Beach», where they must evolve and train their pet so that it is ready to face other monsters. That battle component adds an action element to the game by combining various genres.

Let’s take a look at the possibilities for exploration that players have and the different game modes that they can embark on.

Exploration and game modes

The Game allows us to explore the entire island «Fracctal Island» in order to delve into different environments that make up the game map. As players explore various areas, they will encounter monsters to engage in frantic battles.

Game modes for battles:

PvE (Player vs Environment)

  • Combat in real time against hostile creatures.
  • Point-and-click pet combat.
  • Monster stats increase attack damage, strength, and movement speed.
  • It is used to search for game items.

PvP (Player vs. Player)

  • AI Command Based: The player tells the monster what to do in combat.
  • Based on a player-pet bond stat, you will have more control over it.
  • More commands are unlocked as you bond with your pet.

Monster Attributes

  • HP (Hit Points): Determines the amount of damage the monster can take.
  • ST (Stamina): Determines the amount of strength the monster has.
  • ATK (Attack): determines the damage produced by the monster.
  • DEF (Defense): Determines the monster’s resistance to damage.
  • SPD (Speed): Determines the movement speed of the monster.

Discover Fracctal Monsters and use your gALGO

We can say that Fracctal Monsters is really a very promising game within the Web3 gaming scene and it is worth trying. By using your gALGO you will be able to acquire the NFTs within the game to use them as tokenized items, which gives you new possibilities to make the most of your tokens.

Folks Finance brings you new benefits so you can continue enjoying the blockchain universe in various projects!

Discover Fracctal Monsters now:


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