We say goodbye to 2021: a year full of projects in Algorand for the promotion of Latam

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We are saying goodbye to the year 2021, which has been full of projects to be used to promote the development of Latin America. On this occasion, we will review those edges that have contributed to the expansion of Latam, thanks to the advances of the Algorand ecosystem in this region and the projects carried out on the platform.

Inclusion for development

Algorand this year, has contributed to generate a greater ecosystem in all Latin American regions, which has allowed innovative projects to begin to be seen. In these regions, these types of tools are very important, since technology entrepreneurs often lack the necessary resources to expand. Algorand, throughout 2021, has placed particular emphasis on very promising developments.

The Algorand Foundation has made great contributions in this regard, through its grant program, allowing products with enormous potential to be established and developed. Latin America is a region with brilliant human resources in the field of technology, and by being able to obtain financial backing, many companies have managed to consolidate, joining the Algorand blockchain.

Throughout the year, Algorand has convincingly demonstrated its promise of creating an inclusive ecosystem with deeds. This network enables entrepreneurs from all areas to have the necessary tools to provide their projects with the precise conditions for their growth, thanks to Algorand’s characteristics, which include, among other benefits, high speed for transactions and low operating costs.

Colombia and El Salvador present projects supported by Algorand in 2021

2021 has been, on the one hand, a very promising year in technological matters, and on the other hand, it has continued complicated with respect to the covid-19 pandemic. Developers, not oblivious to these problems and in order to contribute to health issues, have also generated advances in this regard.

In Colombia, a joint project was carried out in this regard, between Algorand and Koibanx, a local fintech firm. This tool provides vaccinated people with a digital certificate stored on the blockchain, which can be used as proof when traveling or attending events. Known as “VitalPass”, the digital passport is used to track COVID vaccination with the help of blockchain, guaranteeing the security, transparency and traceability of vaccination programs, in Colombia and Latin America.

As of May 2021, the system was launched in hospitals in the three largest cities in Colombia: Las Américas Clinic, in Medellín; Portoazul Clinic, in Barranquilla and Cardioinfantil Foundation, in Bogotá; which is its capital.

Another important issue for Latam was the development carried out by Bnext, taking advantage of Algorand’s profitable and high-performance infrastructure, to make transactions extremely convenient and accessible between Spain and Latin American regions, even more efficient compared to other fintech services.

The year 2021 was of great importance for blockchain development in Latam, an example of this was the initiative of El Salvador to adopt cryptocurrencies as a legal tender exchange. Algorand provides a great contribution in this regard in this country, given that its entire government data infrastructure, thanks to an agreement made with “Koibanx”, is being developed on the blockchain.

With respect to El Salvador, another issue that has not been widely publicized is that its “Chivo” wallet, used to carry out cryptographic transactions, is developed with Algorand’s technology. «Athena Bitcoin» provides some front-end services and ATM-related operations, while Algorand acts as the official blockchain network provider.

Companies for development from Latam supported by Algorand

In addition to the incredible developments mentioned above, there are other companies with very promising projects that are emerging from Latin America. These initiatives include innovative purposes to contribute to global development, with respect to different types of products and services.

An example of this is the case of “Carnes Validadas, an Argentine startup. This platform allows, through the adoption of blockchain technology, to carry out an exact traceability of heads of cattle, through their tokenization on the network, which makes it possible to individualize and track the animals. This approach is very beneficial as it provides transparency to the entire meat-related production process. The vision of «Carnes Validadas» is to build an integral ecosystem, made up of companies that each make their contribution to the different links that make up the definitive chain.

We recommend you see the interview we conducted with Nicolás Balestrini, COO and co-founder of Carnes Validadas: Here.

Another of the recently emerged projects in Latam is the case of “ePioneers”. In partnership with the Algorand Foundation, it is building «NetZero», the world’s first climate wallet, which enables anyone to develop climate portfolios of the world’s most biodiverse natural ecosystems. These can be traded on the “ePioneer Climate Marketplace” and stored in the web-based ePioneer mobile wallet, powered by Algorand.

One of the companies that we consider important to mention and also has Latin American members in its ranks, is “Rand Labs, which is contributing with its projects to the expansion of the Algorand ecosystem. It has been in the blockchain industry for more than 7 years, currently it focuses on the creation of Micali and is the creator of important products such as: MyAlgo, AlgoExplorer and its API for developers, which allows to establish connections to different applications with the blockchain.

We recommend you see the interview we conducted with Pablo Yabo CEO, Rand Labs: Here.

Algorand has made Latin America a central region of interest to unleash blockchain networks and tokenization. Silvio Micali, the world-renowned computer scientist and MIT professor who leads Algorand, has recently been on something of a world tour, meeting with the President of Uruguay and the Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, all in the span of a couple of days.

Micali embarked on his visit to discuss «the possibilities of applying Algorand’s blockchain technology, in different government functionalities.»

Concluding the year with an incredible acceleration program «Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021»

To conclude the year, an incredible acceleration program called “Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021” is being developed in Miami, which contributes to providing training in key areas to emerging companies. This program is made possible through a joint initiative between Rokk3r Labs, Algorand, and Borderless Capital. This project has allowed several Latin American companies to have access to beneficial tools for their progress.

The objective of the accelerator is to encourage, support and promote the development of projects so that they can be built, grown and fostered innovation throughout the Algorand platform, taking place in Miami, famous for being a bridge between the USA and Latam. In this framework, within the participating companies, there are innovative projects that provide added value to the entire ecosystem.

The companies participating in the program are:

  • NeoMoon: A 100% digital bank backed by a stablecoin, created to empower Latin Americans.

  • Alchemon: A blockchain-based game that incorporates NFT’s and gives them a purpose based on their utility.

  • GARD: The first stable algorithmic token built on the Algorand platform, backed by intrinsically valuable capital, which instead of charging users, pays for your liquidity.

  • Dartroom: An NFT’s platform created together with different artists and built on the Algorand platform.

  • Vendible: Create DeFi wallet applications that enable data security and Asset Control for open blockchain and Web 3.

  • Wayru: A new type of Internet service provider that democratizes the ownership of network infrastructures.

  • Fútbol eterno: A market that partners with soccer teams and players to launch special souvenirs in the form of NFT’s.

  • Crypto Cracks: A platform that combines sports betting with the trading in cryptocurrencies, through tokens that represent athletes.

  • Voting Portals: It offers the possibility of voting thousands of people at the same time, safely and online, from any place of the world.

  • Maricoin: It is the first cryptocurrency created by and for the LGTBI collective in the world.

We hope that these types of initiatives will continue over the years, further fostering development and allowing the expansion of regions such as Latin America.

Final words

We want to thank our readers, on behalf of the entire NotNulled team, who are responsible for bringing Algorand content to the Spanish-speaking community, through Algolatam, during this incredible year. It has been a task that we have carried out with commitment and enthusiasm, always trying to bring you quality information. We hope that 2022 will be even more prosperous in terms of development regarding this incredible blockchain that is Algorand. We will be delighted as always to bring you all the news. Cheers and good start to the year! 🥂

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